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Preparations are underway for the 6th annual Cyclocross del Ponte, an international race taking place on December 16th in Faè di Oderzo (TV). This event is organized by the Società Ciclistica Sportivi del Ponte, run under the watchful eye of the association’s young president Mirko Barattin. This race will be as a starter of some of the most important national and international cyclocross events in Italy; the Italian championship to be held in Scorzè (Ve) on January 5th and 6th , as well as the world championship to be held on January 26th and 27th in Treviso. Given the geographic location and timing of this race, it is widely seen as an important event in the worldwide promotion of cyclocross. Thousands of spectators from around the world will have the opportunity to come together and experience the unique Trevisan culture, food and warm hospitality this area and its people have to offer. Over 300 athletes will be participating in the race taking place in Faè di Oderzo, it should prove to be a fantastic day for not only athletes and spectators alike. The race will start in the morning with the amateur and younger categories. The much anticipated international race will take place in the afternoon for the Juniors Elite – Under 23 Men and Women categories. Following longstanding tradition, a warm welcome will be given to the numerous fans who come out to watch the day’s events. Stands offering typical wine, food and hot drinks from the region will be set up at various locations amidst the vineyards of this area. The highlight of this event is the race reserved for the Elite and men under 23 category. Given the importance of this race naturally great athletes such as Zdenek Stybar, the winner of last year’s race and world champion for the Under 23 class for 2006, and as Christian Heule, the swiss champion, will be participating. At the starting line other top class foreign athletes and along with Italy’s best cyclocross athletes will battle to win the title, however they will also be closely watched by Fausto Scotti, the Technical Commissioner, who will be present at the event to decide the line-up of the national team. Aside from being part of the Triveneto Circuit Calcestruzzi Mosole, this event also enters into the Italian Cyclocross Circuit for 2008 which will be organized by the Italian Cycling Federation. The 6th Annual Cyclocross del Ponte will be officially presented on Friday Novembre 30th at 8:00pm at the Restaurant “Da Bertola” in Negrisia di Ponte di Piave (TV). The presentation will be present with a lot of political and sports authorities, past and present champions, technicians, and journalists.

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